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About the Cheltenham Group | Photo Scanning Service


  • Not another franchise – Direct quality service from us to you!
  • Professional – Reliable – Affordable photo scanning service
  • Welcome to the Cheltenham Group, your affordable and dependable photo scanning service.
  • We are a family run, Australian company (ACN 123 684 177) dedicated to offering you a trusted, high quality, but low cost service, that will protect and preserve your photographs on DVD disk.
  • Unlike some of our competitors, we use high quality scanners purposely designed for the purpose.
  • We are GST registered, police checked, and provide proper invoices.
  • You could purchase your own scanner and scan your own photographs, but how long will it take to scan 1000 photographs manually, and what would you use your scanner for after you eventually complete the task?
  • We remove the hassle.
  • We also provide a service for converting your old video tapes to DVD disk. Please see our Video Tapes to DVD web site for details.


It pays to check out any competitors you may be considering, before using them.

  • Are their services actually performed within Australia or are they processed overseas?
  • Do they have a proper ABN and are they GST registered?
  • Do they provide proper receipts?
  • Are there hidden extra costs?
  • Do they return your original photographs using Australian Registered Post?
  • Do they provide address and phone contact phone numbers?
  • Are they using the latest custom designed equipment, or the cheapest scanners on the market?
  • Do you really want to trust your memories to the lowest bidder?


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