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Preparing your photographs


Sorting your photographs.

  • Check that all the photographs are the same side up (otherwise you will receive a scan of the back of the photograph!).
  • Sort your photographs by size.
  • Once sorted by size, sort by picture orientation.

Preparing your photos for scanning to DVD transfer.

  • Remove your photographs from albums or frames, as we can only accept loose photographs for scanning.
  • Remove any substances used to stick the pictures within a album or frame, including glue, sticky tape or blue tack.
  • Remove any paper clips or staples.
  • We cannot accept old style Polaroid photographs attached to cardboard. These will not scan properly in our equipment.
  • All your photographs must be rectangular shaped. For instance if you have cut a photograph into a heart shape, we are unable to scan it.
  • Photographs that are bent, curled or folded may not be scanned.
  • Fan your photographs to make sure that they do not stick together.

Packing and Postage Guidelines.

  • Sort, separate and pack your photographs by size. Group your photographs together using rubber bands.
  • Use bubble wrap to prevent your photographs moving during postage.
  • Pack your photos in a rigid cardboard box, obtainable from your local Post Office, These are designed to protect goods in transit. Make sure you use tape to seal the box so that it will not open during postage.
  • Use a Registered Post service from your local Australian Post Office when you post your photographs to us. Details


  • Include your details on the printable order form
  • which you should enclose with your Photos.
  • You can pay online by clicking here.

Items we will not scan.

  • Photographs supplied within albums or frames.
  • Photographic slides.
  • Photographic negatives.
  • Photos containing staples or that are contaminated by glue.
  • Photos containing inappropriate or illegal content (see terms & conditions)

Read our Frequently Asked Questions prior to packing and posting.


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